Small Group Musical: America from West Side Story (Penny, Ella, Fabiana, Avery G.,Sienna, Analia)  SUPERIOR

Large Group Musical: Welcome to the Renaissance from Something Rotten (Nicole, Analia, Sienna, Penny, Avery G, Evan, Jordan, Ella, Nikolai, Fabiana, Avery R., Eddy) SUPERIOR

Solo Musical: Watch What Happens from Newsies (Sofia)  EXCELLENT

Duet Musical: Freedom from the Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown EXCELLENT 

Pantomime (Nicole, Jordan, Avery R., Evan, Nikolai, Analia) SUPERIOR (Straight 30's)

Improv (Sofia, Nikolai) EXCELLENT

Publicity Design for As you Like It (Karson) EXCELLENT

Costume Design for Seussical (Sienna) SUPERIOR (Straight 30's)

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