On February 25, 2017 the thespians competed at the National Performing Arts Festival in Walt Disney World.

The Results:

The Lion King Kids 20 minute preview: SUPERIOR

Outstanding Performance Medals in The Lion King Kids

Sarah: Nala

Nicole: Timon

Anu, Sofia, Rissa, Anna, Ginger: Rafikis

Best Overall Trophies for Individual/Duet

Nicole & Sofia: Duet: You Love Who You Love from "Bonnie & Clyde the Musical"

Ross: Monologue: from "The Curious Incident with the Dog in the Night-time"

Superior Rating for Solos

Robyn: for One Perfect Moment from "Bring It On The Musical"

Sarah: for Lucky from "A Little Princess"

Anu: for Live Out Loud from "A Little Princess"

Excellent Rating for Monologue/Duet Acting

Ginger for monologue from "The Way of the World"

Parker & Anna for Duet Scene "The Speaker"

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