Best Day Ever Districts 2018 Results

11 Thespians, 10 Events, 8 Superiors, 2 Excellents, 1 Critic's Choice


Solo Musical: Fabi (On Your Way Home from James and the Giant Peach)

Solo Musical: Penny (Pretty Funny from Dogfight the Musical)

Monologue: Penny (Justice from Box)

Large Group Musical: (Sofia, Fabi, Avery G, Eliah, Ella, Avery R, Evan, Jordan, Sienna, Madhumati)

Costume Design: Sienna (You Can't Take It With You)

Costume Design: Madhumati (Honk)

Scene Writing: Ella (Unheralded Squires)

Pantomime: Sienna, Jordan, Penny, Avery R, Avery G, Evan, Sofia, Madhumati


Duet Musical: Sienna, Avery G (It's Raining on Prom Night from Grease)

Duet Acting: Ella, Jordan (Box)

Critic's Choice

Costume Design: Madhumati (Honk)

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