Districts January 7, 2017 Results

So proud of The Spotlight Kids Thespians...88928, they did great at the District competition. 13 Events: 3 Excellents, 10 Superiors,  3 Best of Shows, 1 Critic's Choice

Solo Musical: Robyn: Excellent 
Solo Musical: Sarah: Superior
Solo Musical: Sofia: Superior
Solo Musical: Anu: Superior

Duet Musical: Nicole & Sofia: Superior

Improv: Jordan & Sienna: Excellent 

Improv: Anu & Nikolai: Superior

Ensemble Scene: Gabby, Nicole, Nikolai, Sienna, Jordan: Superior

Costume Design: Rissa: Superior

Monologue: Sarah: Superior

Duet Scene: Nikolai & Eddy: Superior

Small Group Musical: Anu, Sarah, Rissa, Robyn: Superior

Pantomime: Eddy, Sofia, Ethan, Evan, Nicole, Rissa, Robyn, Sienna: Excellent

Ensemble Scene
Costume Design
Solo Musical: Sarah

Critic's Choice
Costume Design: Rissa

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