If you love drama and are interested in joining this team, please attend the mandatory meeting on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

At this meeting you will receive audition information, discuss expectations and calendar. After the meeting, if  you agree to the time commitment, fill out and sign the audition agreement. 

Auditions will be held on Friday, August 3o, 2013 starting at 3:30pm.  Please do not audition if you have too many conflicts with the time commitment. Auditions are leveled: 

Beginners, Intermediate and Advance.

Beginners: First year, Intermediate: Second Year. Advance: Third Year

See you at the mandatory meeting on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 3:30pm in the Media Center!

 Our Motto:  

All For One, One For All, Together the Spotlight Shines Brighter!

- inspires us to achieve and create!