At State we received 8 Superiors, 1 Excellent and 1 Best of Show! We competed in 9 Events.

 We are very proud and ready to move forward to the

 National Performing Arts Festival at Walt Disney World in Orlando.



Solo Musical                           Cristina Going It Alone from Homeroom the Musical Superior

Solo Musical                           Tiffany Stand Up For Yourself from Homeroom the Musical Superior

Scene Design                          Gibson Romeo and Juliet Superior 

Ensemble Scene                      Bella, Marisa , Will, Soren (He Said, She Said) Excellent

Duet Musical                           Elizabeth, Lexi Secret from Homeroom the Musical Superior

Improv                                     Ben, Dillon Superior

Improv                                     Hunter, Elizabeth Superior

Duet Acting                             Ben and Tiffany (Carmen and Drexton)   “Gumshoe High-A Totally Teen Mystery”  Superior

                                                 “Gumshoe High-A Totally Teen Mystery” Superior/Best in Show

Duet Acting                             Cristina and Dillon (Betty Ann and Drexton) Superior